If Mancini jammed with Cream...... it might come close to the Gand Band!

"The Gand Band is a Rock 'n' Soul jukebox full of 60s Psychedelic,
Spy, Sci-Fi, Surf music, 70s Funk, Chicago Blues and Retro Lounge that
will have you Dancin in the Streets!" 
The Gand Band's nightly music deftly bridges the gap between then and now"
                     -Mike Mettler, Palm Springs Life

"The Gand Band brings great music from Chicago to Palm Springs" - Desert Sun News 

Joan and Gary Gand have attracted a following for their jazzy "music for desert hipsters," but vocalist Tony Grandberry brings a new energy that...makes the electricity bounce off the walls." - Bruce Fessier, Desert Sun


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IF YOU LIKE:  Ultra Lounge, Motown, Guitar Rock, Bossa Nova, Organ Grooves, 70s Funk, Spy Music,
Memphis Soul, 60s Psychedelic,  Acid Jazz, you will LOVE the Gand Band!